The Rebar mill

Byer Steel manufactures (rolls) high quality reinforcing bars in multiple grades, and is the only domestic producer of ASTM A996 axle grade rebar - made exclusively from recycled train axles and equivalent in product performance to the more commonly used ASTM A615 bar.

Using frequent rolling cycles, the Mill rolls #3 through #8 in ASTM A 996-60, A 996-40, and A 615-60 grades, often times at specific non-standard lengths. Also available are metric sizes, high strength, and 'no grade' reinforcing bars.

Byer Steel's rebar manufacturing operations is what is commonly referred to as a stocking mill. All mill production goes directly into stock after quality control testing, and is available for immediate shipment.

Moreover, rebar orders may be combined with all other Byer Steel structural products to achieve higher weight and more competitive freight amortization on each order.




Contact information

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