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  • Rebar Mill

    Byer Steel manufactures (rolls) high quality reinforcing bars in multiple grades, and is the only domestic producer of ASTM A996 axle grade rebar.

  • Rebar Fabrication

    Byer Steel provides unparalleled rebar fabrication quality and service, leveraging our in-house manufacturing of A996 rebar to offer price competitive solutions.

  • Industrial Recycling

    Proudly serving the Tri-state area since 1937, Byer Steel provides its industrial customers with an easy and no hassle way to handle all of their metals recycling needs.

  • Retail Recycling

    Byer Steel's mission is to provide our retail customers with the easiest and most hassle-free way of selling their scrap metal at competitive prices.

AB Steel Mill

The Rebar Mill

We manufacture high quality reinforcing bars in multiple grades.  Our stocking mill rolls #3 - #9 ASTM A996-60, A996-40, and A615-60 grades, including customized lengths.


Gastrich Re-Bar

Rebar / Rebar Fabrication

From stock length bundles to the most complex deformed/fabricated rebar, we are the region’s premier full-service concrete steel supplier.


Industrial Recycling

Devoted to providing quality steel solutions at the most competitive prices, our team possesses an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction and a knowledge of pricing trends.


Retail Recycling

Offering both industrial and retail recycling solutions at the most competitive of prices, we are one of the region’s largest and most innovative scrap metal buyers and sellers.